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Thai Massage Traditional

Massage has a long history of therapeutic healing in Thailand. It has been practiced for centuries as it sill is to day. The roots of Thai Massage arnder of the practice was Jivaka Komarabhacca, a doctor friend, and contemporary of Buddha, some time about 2,500 years ago. Much of what is know in Thailand about massage and traditional Massage and Traditional Massage was handed down e traced back to India. The foorally and thought from one generation to the next, and teacher to student and often, parent to child. Most of the ancient medical texts were destroyed in 1776, with the destruction of Ayutthaya by the Burmese. What was left was literally carved in stone in 1832, when king Rama 3, in hopes of preserving the tradition of massage, had stone inscription set into the walls at the temple in Bangkok, called Wat Poh. Therapeutic massage for treatment of specific conditions and diseases is also practiced , by only a small number of very skilled people. It takes several years of study and a good working knowledge of the language. The Chinese and Indians are thought to have had an influence in the therapies and treatments developed in Thailand. The theoretical basis of Thai Massage lies in the theory of energy lines running through the body. Out of the 72,000 energy
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