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Speek Thai


Sawasdee Kap - Say 'kap' if you are a man

Sawasdee Kah - and 'kah' if you are a woman

You will hear 'kap' and 'kah' used very often and in almost every sentence when Thai people speak.... it makes words and sentences sound less harsh and abrupt to Thai people, and as a result failure to use them can sound bad and even cause offence... especially to people older than you. You can get away with leaving them out sometimes when you speak to Thai friends you have known for a while, but generally it's best to be polite.


Lar gorn and sometimes you can say sawasdee kap/kah for goodbye too...


How are you?

Sabaidee Mai - (no question marks used in Thai, obviously)


Sabai Sabai - I'm good!
Mai Sabai - Not good



Khob kun kap/kah


Excuse me

Used pretty much exactly as we do in english... it can mean excuse me when you want to get past someone, or excuse me can I ask you something, or excuse me as in sorry for knocking you on the way past:

Khor toat kap/kah

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