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Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art

History and Origins of Tattoo
Tattoo is an ancient science but no one can state its origins or beginning. People assume the history of tattooing goes back to the ancient Egyptian Era – when tattooing was only for body decoration. Some people believe that its origins go back to the European Primitives. Others say the decorations were found before the Christian Era.

The most beautiful ancient tattoos are Polynesian designs. This ethnic group lives on Polynesia, the Islands in the Pacific Ocean and on the Philippines Islands.
There are two styles of decoration on human skin. First is the tattoo which is trendy among Europeans. They wear tattoos for decoration. Each picture tells a story and has a clear meaning. The second is Thai tattoos.

Thai tattoos

Thai Tattoos represent the myths of Himmaphan. The unique designs show images of gods – Siva, Brahma, Rahoon, Rama, Lak, Ramayana, Hanuman. Thais believe they are celestial beings. Having them inscribed on one’s body brings good luck. These tattoos are inscribed by writing numbers of yantra and existing magic. Over many years, masters learn such magical science from their gurus.

Thai tattoos are a very unique style. All tell us truths, or traditional beliefs. It is known that the magical knowledge are resources of Thai masters.

The word “magic” brings foreigners to study and try the science here. Such beliefs in miracles may draw people of the world to have it happen to themselves. In other words, they really want to be able to testify personally about the mysterious rumors. Some who have experienced the magic already want to try more. Thus people from all corners of the world come to Thailand to see for themselves. Some foreigners have body artworks just for their beauty while some want to benefit from the possible virtues.

Thai tattooing relates to ancient beliefs – each piercing Khmer alphabets on body sticks with the power and sacred design. Having a letter, together with the particular features, will make the devotee receive miraculous experiences

There is only an exemption for fashionably sporting tattoos. Artists just write on the skin with a modern ink stick for beautiful purpose. However, any products of the trendy art can not compare with having magical needles with the powerful letters.

Ancient yantra tattoos are made up of 2 kinds of staining magical alphabets and powers: oil tattooing, and ink tattooing.

In the past, masters mostly used the sandalwood, steeped in herbs or white sesame oil. Oil extracted from wild animals, such as elephants in must, and tigers, is also useable. Nowadays people prefer oil tattooing as it is invisible when dried blood has gone. The purpose of this staining serves only strength of power.Ink Tattooing

The ancient art supplies include Chinese ink rubbing with holy water. In old times, masters had sought galls of tiger, bear and cobra for a kind of mixture. For having needle on body, the master let his assistant pulled the certain point of skin, and then started piercing while reciting mystic formulas through this step.

The recitation helped passing magic spell on yantra tattoo. The period of time required for the full process depends upon how small or large the design is.

After being tattooed by Master Noo Kanpai, his followers should strictly follow his rules of behavior. Not having sexual misconduct, and not cursing parents – these are the most serious rules. If anyone breaks a rule, he will immediately loose the powerful spells. Even the invulnerable men are no exception, they can not maintain the power. In addition, their moral strength will decline suddenly. Other than that they deserve to be punished sacredly. As a result, the ones wearing ancient tattoo should observe them seriously to prevent their devaluation. Moreover, they need to perform good deeds, as of old saying “Good person, holy matters, spiritual protection will protect the devotees from harm.” This teaching is a caution that let us realize results of good and bad deeds.

Mass Media have published Ajan Noo’s Story

On May 27, 1996, the Thai newspaper “The Nation” became the first newspaper to feature Ajan Noo’s Tattoo Story on its front page. The report and his glory, as well as Thai Tattoos,became widely known to foreigners in Asia and western countries.

Soon after the above news story, Angelina Jolie, leading actress of the movie “Tomb Raider” contacted Samnak, via her interpreter. It was by an international call from Los Angeles, USA, asking if the superstar could wear tattoo. Since then she had not made an appointment, no further contact at all.

More visitors continued to come from all corners of Thailand. The place became very crowded again. The amount of new followers did not seem to decrease and the size of the crowd made the place very stifling.

Angelina Jolie’s first tattoo by Ajan Noo

On April 23, 2003 Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood superstar received her first tattoo at Ajan Noo’s samnak. Ms.Jolie, together with 3 giant bodyguards and an interpreter, arrived there when many devotees were awaiting him for the same purpose. The actress decided to drive him to her guesthouse in Bangkok to make the tattoo.

At the guesthouse, Angelina Jolie begged the master to suggest a design. Ajan Noo examined her fortune and occupation and sketched a decoration of five rows of yantra with magic alphabets. It was a pleasant surprise for her when she saw the design.

The great film star asked Ajan Noo about the meaning. He replied “It is the ancient belief that yantra represents a spell on each row. The first row provides charms, the second brings good fortune, the third provides successful job and business, the fourth means her sign of zodiac, the fifth is to gain charisma.” The tattoo would be crafted on her left shoulder. It took about 15 minutes.

Ajan Noo wrapped up that it was a powerful tattoo. The

ancient characters related to Phra Sutra. A series of holy writing formed sacred virtues. Devotees would be attractive to those of opposite sex and successful in business. Even enemies would turn to be friends with the tattoo wearer. Angelina Jolie came back again as she had gained all of the benefits from her first tattoo.

Each alphabet on the five rows yantra tells us about the arcs of city fortune, stars and signs of zodiac of the seven days of a week. It can also tell us about ill-fate when the characters means “Phra Rahoo” or a giant’s commander. Some of the Demon Planets are virtues of Phra Arthit or 6, Phra Chan 15, Phra Ankarn 18, Phra Phud 17, Phra Prasruehassabodi 19, Phra Sook 21, virtue of Phra Sao 10, Tassa Phra Jakrapad 14, Phra Kate 9, Phra Rahoo 12. The angles of the letters to the five vertical lines represents virtue of the Earth or “Doan Phra Thoranee.”

By the way everywhere in the world has elements of ancient belief – Pataphee is for stiffness and softness, Earth (arpo) means full of contentment, Water (wayo) means flowing status, Air (techo) means heat, Fire and Lokutaradhamma means Dhamma or highest status above this Earth Planet.

There are so many elements in the world. Nipphan Thad, or nirvana element, is a power that can indicate whether Bhuddism will survive or vanish from the world. It is believed that the element is much available in Thailand. Even human beings or gods can appreciate it by earning virtues. Lord of Bhuddha, his saints, and his principles had collected praises – Thanbarami, Silbarami, Nekkhammabarami, Mettabarami, Ubekkhabarami, Kantibarami, Sajjabarami, Athittanbarami, Panyabarami, Viriyabarami. The virtues must be supported by Potipakkiyatham 37 – comprised of Mak 8, Itthibad 4, Satipadthan 4, Sammapathan 4, Incee 5, Pala 5, Sampochong 7. Those with praises or Barami will succeed in controlling their minds, and reaching Ariya-sacca, or the four noble truths. They can hold the element by keep doing polite manners with consciousness. The easiest way to earn each virtue is by practicing Anapanasati and Satipatathan while eating walking, sitting and sleeping.

Anapanasati is a method of collecting Barami, or controlling the mind. Ones who have barami from past lives should review and motivate their sub-consciousness to practice virtue. The effort will reward the practitioners to earn Nipphan Thad to meet closely with Lord of Bhuddha in mind.

The highest element are not available on earth, Human beings live on difficulties – Kamthanha, Pawatanha, Vipawatanha.

They are fire elements called Filoap, Fikrot, Filhong. It was the fire from mind and soul which cause emotion.

What we should do properly is to develop our own Barami continually in order to earn Nipphan Thad. At Nipphan stage, it is believed that we can share happiness and peace with others. Parents deserve the merits by their children’ s conduct. Unfortunately, many people hardly accept the belief that we can do the favors to our parents.

The word “Lokudtaradhamma” means Dhamma beyond the Earth Planet. It is indeed the heart of ones who comply with the highest teaching that can pass through their minds. In case the heart could not touch Lokudtaradhamma, they should keep practicing meditation patiently.

When the mind can accept such a level of Dhamma then they will achieve a powerful joining together of mind and Dhamma. For example, Ajan Mun’s parents said, “Our brain can perceive the physical things like earth, oceans and the sky but our mind can to further to touch and receive the wisdom of Dhamma.” Apart from Lord of Bhuddha, Phra Sareebutra or a man succeeded in Jatupatisampithayan would gain highest wisdom. They can gain the knowledge at different stages upon visions of their minds.

Besides the practices, incantation is also a key factor supporting Ajan Noo’s tattooing. Incantation is praying for virtues of Bhuddha at his birth, enlightenment, state of complete bliss attained after his death, including Nirodsamabat, or death to the world. Such praying will give the most power to tattoo spells.

For the five rows of alphabetical tattoo, Ajan Noo set up letters from his touching insight. Actually he had tattooed this design for a large number of businessmen in countries before Angelina Jolie. The power provided success in business and their lives. Consequently Ajan Noo was able to assure the wearers of benefits — good living and high achievement at work.

This fortune tattoo has been reproduced but no one can complete sacred parts of Ajan Noo’s yantra writing. The copies look alike the original but are not made to be exactly the same. Ajan Noo has not taught anyone how to inscribe and incant on the yantra. A guru must have mastery over the spell casting over the devotee’s body and placing the alphabets on each row or Phra Sutra. Meditating on the steps is the key tool for the unique tattoo.

The following is a further story about Angelina Jolie.

After having the first tattoo, Angelina Jolie flew back to Los Angeles immediately that night. She rushed for her performance of the film “ The Beach.”

On April 25, 2003 leading newspapers in Thailand - The Nation, Komchadluek and Thairat – led their morning news with the story that Angelina Jolie had been tattooed in Thailand again by Mr.Sompong or Ajan Noo Kanpai, the tattoo guru of the country.

A crowd of reporters gathered at Ajan Noo’s samnak to find out how the world-famous actress approached him. Besides being a movie star she was also a UN Peace Ambassador. Therefore her unexpected visit to get body decoration here was a great shock to the Thai people. Ajan Noo became a part of Thailand’s recorded history accordingly. It meant his overnight success as a world-famous tattoo master and drew a number of media representatives from various countries – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Canada, German, Sweden – to his samnak.

Now people at many places know the master by his skills. He has gained celebrity increasingly and television and newspaper stories are key tools to sustain his fame.

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