วันอังคารที่ 20 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2552

Phuket Fantasia

Last Sat. night my friend flaked on me from partying out in Phuket town, so I decided to do a little exploring in Phuket Town Krub. Going alone, there is only a few places in mind na krub, Phuket Fantasia Pink Lady, Grand and Rome Place. I really want to try discovery and Kor Tor Mor to pick up girls, but going alone was not realy a good idea I think If I hit on a cute girl with out knowing her B boy friend is beside her Having read recent posting, Phuket Fantasia seems like a good place to have fun. Hopeing to see many cute ladies . Arrived at Fantasia around 10, it's a really big place. Im sure that it used to be a big theater, the girls were filled with girls at the reception, at side stands (box) and on stage. Although I saw 4-5 ok. girls, they were all have been reserved to be eaten at 10. I think the quality is much lower than what I'm used to in Bangkok and at the same price or less. "Took kra pong" from bangkok to Phuket. Anyways, decided to sit and drink a couple of beer and decided to pick a girl from the box to have a little chat. Bad idea krub, she was not a friendly type, she was the type that fu.k and leave. Thought may be we could talk about Phuket, she has a very pretty and sexy face,but want to kick it when she opens her mouth . For people who have never been to Fantasia na krub. The place looks like a big cinema. It has continues show through out the night, on the left there are about 20-30 girls sitting in a big open box that looks like sideline of a soccer field. They are drink girls that you can OFF. It's very open to OFF these girls, the sales are very candid and will push you to OFF these girls. The cost of the girls is 150/hr to sit and have a little chat + 150/drink that she orders. For OFF i believe it is 2000 bath/ room included. 2800 for all night. There are also receptions girls who prettier that you can have a chat for I think 150/20 mins (but cannot OFF) There are lounge sits and 10 table in the middle of the theater. "If you go there pass 10 on a Saturday night, you will have very low luck." The member is 15000 for either 4 bottles of JW black and 4 OFF girls or 8 bottles and free mixer. The Beer is 150 a bottle.

Over all, compare to Bangkok, middle to low quality girls, expensive for what you get, good size building and lots of girls. May be a better luck if you decide to go at around 9.
Also, the sales would not take care of you well if you look young like me..... but they would suck up to you when you mention about Membership!!
Find friends and go hunting at Kor Tor Mo- would be much easier and safe cost.

Damaged: 300 bath for a chat, 300 for 2 beers, and 100 tip.