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Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is located approx. 190km south of Bangkok and 92 kilometres north of Prachuab Khiri Khan, its provincial chief town and it is a coastal, well known resort town, set on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin has a population of around 60,000 people, the King of Thailand has his summer palace Klai Kang Won (Far from Worries) adjoining the beach.

Hua Hin has one of the lowest rain falls in Thailand and being a coastal town gets that lovely sea breeze, so can be visited all year round. There are three seasons, the dry season (March-September), the rainy season (October - November) and the warm season (November-February). One of the lowest rainfalls of any beach area. Weather is hot but refreshed by a cooling sea breeze. Most days offer clear blue skies and sometimes billowing white clouds. Hua Hin was chosen as the Royal resort due to the excellent weather and climate.


Hua Hib Beach

Hua Hin has long and wide stretches of Beach. The Hua hin area including Cha Am has extensive beachfront with the added benefit of no roads to cross to access the beach. Beaches stretch along the Cha Am Coast and North of Hua Hin and also directly close to the town and continue south past popular beach resorts to Khao Takaib beach. Just past Khao Takiab Hill the beach contines in Khao Takiab bay and onwards to Suan Son Beach.

Suan Son Pradiphat Beaches

Fringed with pine trees, Suan Son Pradiphat is a peaceful, lovely beach, where you can get away from it all.Wanna get away from the fast pace of life? Get rest at the tranquil beach of Suan Son Pradiphat or Sea Pine Tree Garden. Though it is not as popular as Cha Am or Hua Hin, the beauty of the garden is comparable, talking of its stretching white-sand beach amid tranquil atmosphere.Shaded with lots of pine trees, the seaside destination was named Sea Pine Tree Garden or Suan Son Pradiphat. This beachside area belongs to the Army Welfare Office, originally established to be the retreat for soldiers and veterans. The beach is less crowded and in secluded location, comparing to other beaches in the neighborhood. Visitors can take some rests and relax under the shade of pine trees, and let the cool, steady breeze blow away all stress, while listening to the sound of the waves.

Kao Takiab Beach

Popular beach area just a few minutes from the center of town, very popular at weekends. Beach, loungers and beach chairs with umbrellas available. Local food stalls near the beach. Elephant riding and horse riding. Popular for boat trips and fishing trips to small ofhsore island. Local temples.

Hat Sai Noi Beach

(Small Sandy) Quiet cuve within walking distance of our Bann Manora, Baan Chava and Manora Village Villas Beach, Restaurant and Fishing boats

Kao Tao Beach

This small secluded beach at the foot of Khao Tao Hill, lies about 14k south of Hua Hin The beach peaceful fringed with pine trees. A large Buddha statue looking out to sea. Small local restaurants are on and near to the beach.

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Like so much in Hua Hin this summer seaside palace was built in the early 1920's during the reign of King Rama VI. It was designed by an Italian architect with lots of verandas, latticework and covered boardwalks using golden teak from the demolished Hat Chao Samran Palace. Open daily from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, it is located 9km south of Cha-Am at the Camp Rama VI military compound.

Klai Kangwon Palace

King Phra Plokklao built it in the year 1926. The palace is located 3 kilometers from Amphoe Hua Hin Office. A permit must be obtained from the Royal Household Office prior to a visit

Panee Butterfly Garden

Located opposite Klai Kangwon Palace, Panee Butterfly farm is home to loads of butterflies and birds. There are also lots of orchids and local plants. This place is a good change of pace from the beach and educational experience for the kids. Open daily from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Night Market

Hua Hin Night market opens around 4pm till midnight, great food, and lots of bargains. The market represents a genuine Thai style of life. You can find local food, fruits, drinks, souvenirs and clothes

Khao Takiab

Located at the southern end of Hua Hin's main beach, this 227m rocky hill provides striking views of Hua Hin and nearby Singto (lion) Island. There is a temple and restaurant on the hill, which can now be reached by a newly constructed road. There is a 20m golden Buddha and several excellent restaurants at the base of the hill. Beware of the larcenous monkeys at the shrine near the Buddha; they have been known to run off with people's cameras.

Khao Hin Lek Fai

This hill is found 1.5km to the west of Hua Hin. A trip up the steep road to the top provides a scenic view of the town, beach, Gulf of Thailand and the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. There is a small park on the hilltop with trails leading to the various viewpoints. Built during the reign of King Rama VI, and only a short distance from the centre of town, Hua Hin's railway station and the adjacent Royal Waiting Room are attractive and brightly painted wooden buildings that are Thai in concept and design, but somehow manage to have a 'Victorian' feel. Even if you don't arrive at the resort by train, go and have a look.

Keang Krachan National Park

Keang Krachan National Park with an area of 3,000-sq-km, this is Thailand’s largest national park. Located primarity in the mountains adjacent to Myanmar,and only 40km from Hua Hin, it has lots of rain and an abundance of rainforests and some grassland areas. Animal life includes deer, tigers, gibbons, bears, hornbills, wild elephants and dusky langurs. One of the park's most popular attractions is the eleven-tiered Pa-La-U Yai and Pa-La-U Noi waterfall. This park is difficult to access so the falls are best visited on an organized tour

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Although it is 60km south of Hua Hin and 40km south of Pranburi, many visitors to the region spend time at this interesting national marine park. The name means three hundred mountain peaks, a reference to its numerous limestone peaks between which there are marshes and mangrove swamps. The mountains and wetlands contain an abundance of wildlife, including barking deer, crab eating macaque and serow, an Asian goat-antelope. The park is also home to more than 300 resident and migratory birds. One of the park's most popular attractions is Tham Phraya Nakhon, a cave with a hole in its roof that allows a shaft of light to shine upon a Thai-style pavilion built for King Rama V. Built during the reign of King Rama VI, and only a short distance from the centre of town, Hua Hin's railway station and the adjacent Royal Waiting Room are attractive and brightly painted wooden buildings that are Thai in concept and design, but somehow manage to have a 'Victorian' feel. Even if you don't arrive at the resort by train, go and have a look.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

There are two places in Hua Hin to watch Thai Boxing , a sport that involves ‘punching’ with elbows , knees and feet as much as with the hands. Matches are held at the Grand Hotel on Thursday and Sunday nights and at Mr.Chop Rawee’s Thai Boxing Garden near the City Beach Hotel on Tuesday and Friday. The matches at both venues begin at 9.00 PM and finish up a little before midnight.


Hua Hin Vintage Car Rally

Hoteliers, the Vintage Car Club of Thailand, and the Tourist Authority of Thailand annually sponsor a 'parade' of vintage and classic cars starting at the Sofitel Central in Bangkok and ending in at the Sofitel Central Hua Hin Resort. The cars, with drivers and passengers decked out in 1920's attire, make the 225km promenade in December of each year. The festivities culminate with a 1920's party at the Sofitel, which appropriately is a Victorian-style structure built in the 1920's.

Built during the reign of King Rama VI, and only a short distance from the centre of town, Hua Hin's railway station and the adjacent Royal Waiting Room are attractive and brightly painted wooden buildings that are Thai in concept and design, but somehow manage to have a 'Victorian' feel. Even if you don't arrive at the resort by train, go and have a look

Hao Hin Jazz Festival

June is the time of the year when 'jazz on the beach' occurs at the annual Hua Hin Jazz Festival. The popular event attracts world class jazz musicians from Thailand and all over the world, including performers like Lazaro Valdes from Cuba and Bill Bruford from the UK. Stages are set up right on the beach and performances take place each evening. There are also a variety of booths set up offering everything from a chance to get your hair braided to an opportunity to buy Thai handicrafts. Sponsors offer a variety of promotions, including the chance to win valuable gifts. This is an event that encompasses all of Hua Hin and provides and opportunity to have a good time and enjoy jazz on the beach.

Thailand International Kite Festival

During March, April and May, steady southerly breezes blow throughout much of Thailand. The Thai's, never one's to miss a chance for a good time, have responded to this natural phenomenon by developing a tradition of flying kites. When the winds arrive, arrays of beautiful kites appear to strut their stuff and engage opponents in combat. No where is this more apparent than in the open spaces around Cha-am and at the Thailand International Kite Festival.

Now in its tenth year, the festival, which is scheduled in early March, features kites in all their colourful glory. There are stunt kites, big kites, little kites, high tech kites, traditional Thai kites, and displays of international kites. There are a variety of contests, games, and activities -all involving kites. But the festival is more than an event surrounding kites. Cha-am and its neighbours gussy up for the event and welcome visitors with a variety of opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, and simply having a good time.


Hua Hin isn’t the place to head to if you’re looking for wild and untamed nightlife experiences . That said, with its diminutive but lively nightlife scene you can certainly find some fun if you look hard enough. Scattered about town are several clusters of beer bars (little ramshackle affairs where you can score a beer and a girl), a number of family-friendly pubs and bars (many of which are located in hotels), and one or two discos. Though the above adds up to a tame after-dark scene compared to Bangkok, Phuket’s Patong or Pattaya, there is fun to be found and several establishments open past the official 02:00 closing. With an annual jazz festival happening in Hua Hin, it’s no surprise that there’s also quite a lot of live music to be enjoyed, from cover bands to authentic Thai acts. And one thing you definitely won’t find back home is ladyboy cabaret Blue Angel. Check this out for 60 minutes of drama, beauty, elegance and glam, as well as dazzling insight into Thailand’s famous third sex.

Beer Bars

While nowhere near as widespread as in say, Pattaya, a generous smattering of beer bars can be found in Hua Hin, mainly around main strip Soi Bintaban. Don’t expect to be wowed by these unadorned drinking holes – they’re typically little more than open front shop houses with a few bar stools, a pool table, and a small arsenal of cheap alcohol. Very basic and bare. However, if you’re open-minded they can be a lot of fun – drink, play pool, watch sports, enjoy loud music (usually soft rock or Northeastern Isaan music) and exchange chitchat or – if you’re willing and able – flirtations with the small posse of female hostesses.

Pubs and Bars

There are quite a few traditional bars and pubs in Hua Hin. Typically European-style establishments, these are family-friendly and free from most traces of the ‘bar girl’ scene. They include Admirals Pub and Crawford’s Irish Bar, which has a stylish pub ambiance and stocks an abundance of draught beers (including Guiness) and sports TVs. The quality Euro grub served here is also noteworthy. Another is Jungle Juice (Selakam Road), which has a warm atmosphere courtesy of the friendly expat crowd who come here to enjoy games of pool and traditional home-cooked food. For venues flouting sophistication and interior flair, you’re best bet is the in-house bars of Hua Hin’s most illustrious hotels. The Sofitel Central Hua Hin has a great one called Satchmo Club, with live performances by a Filipino band every night.


The Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa has the most sizeable disco in town, known officially as the Hua Hin Brewing Company Bar. Decorated like a rustic fisherman’s house, both locals and guests flock here each night to enjoy live music and DJs. There is a cover charge of around 120 baht and it closes at 01:00 sharp. Others include Thai-style discos Stepz and Star Planet, where at weekends especially you can dance the night away alongside hordes of friendly whisky-drinking locals.

Ladyboy Cabaret

Don’t miss Hua Hin’s famous cabaret show, Blue Angel. It’s a small-scale show that’s large on ladyboy drama, glam, elegance and beauty. Shows at 20:00 and 21:45 every night. Ladyboy cabaret makes for good family entertainment, and the lip-sinc repertoires normally include tributes to popular music scene divas, comedy skits and some Asian-inspired performances. Afterwards you can also have your picture taken with the performers – naturally, for a small tip.