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Meditation Meaning


NB. Remember that the following simple illustrations are not meant for self teachings Beginners have to be guided by the instructor. The guidelines here are for your easy references.Always do your acknowledgement mentally, this is the bringing of awareness.

- any encounterment, please do not hesitate to talk to your instructor for further guidance after the session.

- if doing at home and happen to encounter any difficulty-please remain clam, take a deep breath slowly and mindfully acknowledge "KNOWING...NOR...R..R..R.. " ,mind focusing at your solar-plexus, (knowing - that you know and note , at that particular time and point it happens.)


1. Stand at ease with hands behind ( right grasping the left )

2. Take a deep breath and relax…….

3. CLOSE your eyes gently

4. Using your inner eyes, "look" at yourself from head to toes slowly, Acknowledge mentally , " STAND …….NOR…R…R…R…" And vice versa altogether for 5 times count. I.e.,

( I ) 1st count ; starting from Head, acknowledge mentally , "STAND..D..D..D..D" till you reach bellybutton " NOR..R..R..R…" till to toes.

( II ) 2nd count ; starting from Toes,acknowledge "STAND..D..D..D.." till bellybutton, pause and relax, then continue from bellybutton,acknowledge "NOR..R..R..R..R..R.. " till to the head.

( III ) 3rd count ; from Head STAND..D..D..D.." till to the bellybutton "NOR..R..R..R.." to the toes.

( Iv ) 4th count ; from Toes 'STAND..D..D..D..' till to the bellybutton, 'NOR..R..R..R..R..' to the head.

( V ) 5th count; from Head 'STAND..D..D..D..' till to the bellybutton, 'to the toes.


After completion of your standing meditation,OPEN your eyes slowly and look down at your feet.

1. Concentrate on your right foot first , as you raised your heel slightly 2 inches above the ground, acknowledge 'RIGHT' and then pause for while.

2. Now, move your right foot out very slowly ( slow motion) and acknowledge at the same time " GO...O...O...O" and pause for a while.

3. And as you placed your foot down lightly on to the ground acknowledge "NOR...R...R...R..."

CAUTION Not to raise your left heel till you are ready to concentrate and mindful on the left.

4. Repeat the same process for the left foot, ie ., 'LEFT....GO...O...O...O...O...NOR...R...R...R...' Continue the walking meditation process till you reach the distance and stop,approximately 6 metres (not too far or near.) Whilst stopping ,both feet have to be together and stand straight at ease. Take a deep breath and relax. Close your eyes gently and do the standing meditation for 5 counts.


Once you have completed the standing meditation ,OPEN your eyes and look down at your feet ,preparing to turn clockwise movement.

1. Concentrate on your RIGHT foot; heel pivot to the ground and turn to about 45 degrees - as you turn acknowledge " TURN...N...N...N .. " and acknowledge "NOR...R...R...R... " as you placed your right foot down.

2. Repeat the same for left foot - ( considered 1 st turn ), note that the left heel need not be pivoted to the ground, just turn at ease (normally)

Once you've reached at the 4th turn - prepare to stand straight at ease,

CLOSE your eyes gently and repeat the standing meditation process for 5 counts.

OPEN your eyes now and continue to do the walking meditation. Do these repeating process ( to and fro ) for about half and hour and then return to sitting meditation for half and hour

PLS Time your walking and sitting meditation equally.

EG. half and hour of walking meditation DO half and hour of sitting meditation.

TOTAL ; one hour of meditation.



Do your standing meditation for 5 counts before you sit.

1. Sit comfortably, with right leg crossing over the left leg ( half lotus sitting position) and right hand over the left hand (as shown in the picture .)

2. Sit upright at ease , take a deep breath and relax.

3. CLOSE your eyes gently. Mind focusing on the lower abdomen, (about 2 fingers spacing below your bellybutton).

4. Breathe normally and as you progress , deeper breath is needed. Concentrate at the 'X' point ,and as you breath in,watch your abdomen 'X' rises, acknowledge 'RISE...NOR...R...R...R...'

5. As you breath out , the abdomen 'X' contracts / falls acknowledge 'FALL...NOR...R...R...R '

6. Concentrate doing these 'RISE...NOR...R...R...R..' , 'FALL...NOR...R...R...R...R...' for about half an hour. This is the only the base point for sitting concentration.

NB. 'X' point - The base point where is 2 fingers spacing below the bellybutton. If any distractions occur, eg.. thoughts, noise,smeels,pain etc

... pay attention to the ear for noise,acknowledge 'HEAR...NOR...R...R...'

Nose for smeel, 'SMELL...NOR...R...R...R...'

Third eye (slightly above in between 2 eyebrows) for sight 'SEE...NOR...R...R...R...'

Pain on the pain itself 'PAIN...NOR...R...R...R..."

Itch on the itch itself 'ITCH....NOR...R...R..R...R' etc...

NB. CITTA - mind

SATTI - mindfulness

SAMATHI - concentration

KAMMATTHAN - meditation

SAMPACHANYA - clear comprehension

Both citta and satti have to be together. This is the cause of awareness.


think nor, know nor, frustration nor, irritating nor , angry nor,sad nor ,happy nor ,moody nor , bored nor, imagination not, etc.

Remember to take a deep breath slowly and acknowledge. As you progress , all these acknowledgements will also apply to standing,walking ,lying and anywhere ,anytime.It also applies to our daily lives for guidance of mindfulness.


Do this while you are lying on the bed; (bedtime). Place one hand or both hands over your abdomen 'X' point and breathe normally. Acknowledge '' RISE...NOR...R...R...R... "

'' FALL...NOR...R...R...R..." continously till you fall asleep.