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The Advantages of Chanting Buddhaguna

The Advantages of Chanting Buddhaguna

by Phra Dhebsinghaburajarn and English version by Dr. Suchitra Ronruen

Buddhaguna ( worshipping the Enlightened one ), I have discovered that when some people are foretold by a fortune-teller that they have bad luck and something should be done to eradicate that bad luck. Which the help of mindfulness, a thought arises in my mind that it's much better to chant Buddhaguna than to get advice from a fortune-letter .I then tell my disciples to follow this idea and it works well.

The chanting begins with Namo tassa bhagavato ...., Refuges, Buddhaguna, Dhammaguna, Sanghaguna, Bahum and Mahakaruniko. After that ,chant only Buddhaguna as many times as your age plus one. Suppose you are 40, then chant Buddhaguna 41 times and if you are 35, then chant Buddhaguna 36 times.

There was a fifty-one-year-old Christian widow who was a millionairess and had only one son. This widow possessed lots of lands in Lad Prao and Klong San-sab. Her son was not keen in learning and she sent him to study in U.S.A. The son was not interested in his studies.He spent three years there as a playboy and often wrote to his mother to send him money, lying to her that he nearly finished his studies. From time to time,the son deceived his mother to send him one hundred thousand,then five hundred thousand and so on.

The mother did not know what to do ,she then went to a fortune-teller to have him ridden her of her bad luck. She paid lots of money to the fortune-teller ,hoping that he would help her son to finish his studies.She also went to other fortune-tellers but none of them could solve her problem though she had paid them a lot. She was very nervous and could neither eat nor sleep

Fortunately, a man from Singburi who was one of her employees knew and asked for my help. At that time I didn't know that she was a Christian and when I saw her face I knew that her son would finish his M.A. and would continue a Ph.D. But why couldn't he finish his B.A. I wondered.

I suggested to her to chant Buddhaguna 52 times every night but she said she couldn't because she was a christian.That day she left the monastery hopeless.

She came back again after four or five months had passed. This time she came alone and confessed that " Luang Poh, I will follow your advice ". I then told her to buy a chant book but she refused. Her reason was that any Christian could not keep the chant book in the house. She requested me to write the words of chant for her. I had to write the chant words of Buddhaguna, Dhammaguna, Sanghaguna, Bahum and Mahaka for her. She still said, " I can't chant in the chanting hall because I am not a Buddhist." I suggested that she could chant in her bed by counting pieces of matches for the 52 times of chanting. Having finished chanting she should transfer merit to her son. I forbade her to scold him and suggested that she must wish him happiness and successs in his studies.

For three months she had followed my suggestion. She could remember all the words she chanted and there were two advantages she got .

First, her nervousness had gone. She became mindful and could eat and sleep. When she was happy , she began to transfer merit to her son in U.S.A. After six months of chanting, the son got that merit. The day he got it he had a serious accident. The car he was driving crashed on the electric distribution pole. His friends who sat in the back seat were thrown out of the car but none of them got hert. Only he who was in the car, was hurt. The electric distribution pole had fallen down (and he had to pay lots of money for this accident ).

The driver was unconscious and was sent to the ICU room. Fortunately, one of his cousins was a doctor in U.S.A. He came to see him at the hospital. The doctors reportd to the cousin that the patient should be dead.

On the following day he became conscious and felt seriously hurt. Tears filled his eyes when he thought of his mother. I notice that when someone is in trouble, he usually thinks of his mother but when h is happy with his friends ,the mother is absolutely forgotten.

Secoundly, the son missed his mother a lot .He was sorry that how unhappy would she be if she had known that her son did not finish his studies. He then determined that he would try to finish his studies as soon as he recovered.

Finally, he came back to Thailand and his mother brought him to meet me. He revealed what happened to him. After he had got well, he chanted every day and also went to practise vipassana meditation at Thai Temple in U.S.A. He could finish his B.A. as well as an M.A. and I knew that he would finish his Ph.D. in the future.

I then conclude that whenever someone is in trouble, he will think of his mother and perceive the Dhamma. That widow's son said to me " Venerable sir, I never missed my mother during three or four years while I was in U.S.A But when I was in hospital, I missed her so much." The mother told her son that it was I who helped him. He then had faith in me and I told him if he believed me , he should have his hair cut I then postulate that when someone is in bad luck, he should chant Buddhaguna.