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Safe Place in bangkok

Is Bangkok a safe place ?

In comparison to other major cities around the world, Bangkok is very safe and, in all probability, you will have no problem even if walking alone at night. Nevertheless, it always pays to use common sense and it's worth remembering you are likely a lot richer than the average Thai - don't flaunt it.

A bigger problem are the various types of scams and stealth crime that you will likely encounter - watch out in particular for smooth talking con artists and talented pickpockets that operate in crowded conditions such as markets and the Bangkok buses. Keeping your your wallet or purse in a money belt can be helpful at preventing the the thieves.

Comments: Having spent 6 months in Bangkok in 1999, I am pleased to say that it is safer than most large cities. I felt safer there than anywhere I have visited and I have travelled to many world cities. As mentioned thievery is the only real concern which common sense precautions will alleviate.

Sandie Kerridge

Where's a good place to stay in Bangkok ?

It's worth planning what you want to spend most of your time seeing and doing in Bangkok and staying near there, as Bangkok's traffic makes getting about a struggle to say the least.

Backpackers tend to head for Khao San road in Banglamphu, which has dozens of cheap guesthouses, cafes, and basically everything that you could need to buy. It's in a great location too, near the river and the top sights such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and others in Banglamphu and Ko Rattanakosin. It's completely dominated by foreigners and so it's hardly the most authentic place to stay in Bangkok though. Decent mid-range places in this area are scarce, pretty much limited to the Royal hotel and the Vieng Tai.

A lot of mid range and upper mid range hotels are across the city on Siam Square and Sukhumvit road, which is a good place for shopping and nightlife but a long way from the traditional sights and the river. They do have the advantage of being on the skytrain route, which makes getting about a lot quicker.

Some of the top hotels in Bangkok(e.g. The Oriental, the Shangri-La) are located by the river, and in business district around Silom road.

Is it safe ? How about for women ?

While not unknown, incidences of violent crime and rape of tourists are very rare in Thailand. Occasional cases are reported, but are often where tourists went into remote areas against current travel advice and struggled against their attackers. Take care if you go to Ko Pha-Ngan's Full Moon Party, as rumors of rape and crime persist here. If you do happen to get caught up in a violent incident, you're well advised to not fight back. Also bear in mind that any passing Thais who don't know the situation may well side with the other Thai person / people out of a misplaced sense of loyalty.

If you use common sense and check the safety of any suspect places you're heading to, you're likely to be much safer in Thailand than you would be in your home country.

While violent crime is not really a problem, you should keep an eye out for pickpockets and be wary of Bangkok's skillful con-artists. Thailand has an efficient Tourist Police service, who you should contact if you run into any problems (Tel: 1155, 24 hour, freephone).